How to Create Ad

  • Go to OrangeApples > Manage Ads > Add Аdvertisment
  • Under Create New Ad fill the description (ex: EcoAd small)  and choose size for the ad. (Note: Choose Ad Size carefully. For example 125×125 ads will only appear on Ads 125 x 125 Widget)
  • Choose an Ad Type. For HTML or JavaSript ads, click HTML code and paste your code in the field that will appear below.
  • If you have an image, click Image. You can put the URL directly in the text field (if the image is already online) or upload the image to your site. Under Ad URL paste the target URL for your ad.
  • Click Save Changes. Your Ad is now complete. You can use the Ad Widget do diplay it in the sidebar, or assign it to page section like in header or before and after posts.


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